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The Colombian government has tacitly joined forces with the paramilitary groups that even under the protection of the police are shooting to kill demonstrators with weapons of all kinds.

What has been happening for decades in the Colombian countryside, with massacres all over the country, perpetrated by paramilitaries with the blessing of the army, has now moved to the cities where armed civilians in white vans with covered license plates shoot indiscriminately at people in broad daylight and the police do nothing to stop them or protect the victims.

It is time for the Colombian people to learn that the pandemic was ONLY an excuse to impose a health dictatorship and that this has now become a political dictatorship, where it is no longer about “preserving the life” of the citizens against a virus that barely had the strength of a flu, but about exterminating them with bullets if they do not accept the totalitarian measures of a fraudulent and violent regime that has become a repressive and murderous dictatorship.

This is the hypocrisy of the system that used dictatorial measures to pretend that the confinements, masks and “social distancing” was to protect the lives of Colombians when exactly the opposite was achieved: increasing deaths from other causes due to lack of medical attention, destroying the economy by ruining tens of thousands of small and medium businesses and worsening the health of the people with the confinements and masks that acidify the blood by making us breathe our own CO2, making us more prone to diseases.

This miserable state of affairs wanted to be topped off with a tax reform that would be the coup de grâce for the beleaguered population beleaguered by lack of income and health care. ‘

Once the people rise up to protest, not only against the tax reform, but against the health care reform, etc. is that orders are given from the Democratic Center for the “public force” to use lethal force against the protesters, which is a crime against humanity, since unarmed civilians who have the constitutional right to protest peacefully are being killed. As we have seen in multiple videos, the government has infiltrated vandals into the marches to justify the use of excessive violence against the civilian population.

If we add to this, as in Cali, the declarations of the paramilitary groups that promise to kill any demonstrator they meet in the street, which the government does not act upon or disavow, we are on the verge of a great massacre that in fact is already happening, as in Cali, with violation of human rights, rape of women by the police, kidnappings, torture and disappearances. Not even human rights defenders have escaped these events, as reported by the newspaper El Tiempo:
“In a statement on her Twitter account, Commissioner Juliette de Rivero accused the Police of shooting at members of the UN Human Rights Colombia commission, but clarified that no one had been injured.”

A 17th year old girl that wasn’t part of any demonstration was kidnapped by 4 policemen and sexually abused (there is a video to corroborate the kidnapping). Her captors liberated her when they realize that she was the daughter of a fellow police officer. She commited suicide the next day.

It is not in vain that the Duque government has been accused by Senator Cepeda before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, of which there is evidence recorded all over Colombia, where police officers are seen shooting directly at demonstrators, either with bullets or tear gas, both prohibited by international conventions signed by Colombia, accusations to which the State must respond by punishing the perpetrators of these crimes, from President Duque on down, who have ignored the Colombian Constitution and international treaties and are operating as a large death squad, sowing terror and death among those who are practicing their legitimate right to protest and mobilize in favor of their interests and to demand changes, reforms or suspensions of laws that are unfavorable to them and that endanger their very livelihood.

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